When Should You Trust Your Instincts?

Choosing well when it comes to life's 'big decisions' is a curious business. Whether choosing a partner, home or job -- not to mention many other exciting but weighty choices -- making such decisions calls for something that can seem beyond us. For example, if the romantic view of love is to be believed, and the success of a long-term relationship hangs on whether or not 'the right ONE' is selected, choosing a partner demands the kind of wisdom that comes, not before one spends a lifetime in relationships, but after

Often popular consensus says that with mind-boggling decisions, one should 'trust their gut'. But one's 'gut' or 'instincts' can mislead as well. And where trust is concerned, if past betrayals still loom large in the memory, helpful messages from our gut to be 'be careful with whom we trust' can become entangled with the less useful residue of old wounds compelling us to 'never trust anyone ever again'. 

Trusting our instincts is neither straight forward nor always best. Still, surely there are times when listening to your gut about big decisions is helpful. The question is, when exactly should we trust our instincts? 

Brennan recently had a chance to think about these and other matters wrapped up with trusting ourselves as he contributed to Corinne Bailey Ray's podcast, which can be heard below.