It's one of our most precious commodities...

Trust is critical for employee well-being, effective leadership and brand reputation.  And yet, busyness, and the complexity of the topic mean that little time is often spent learning exactly what trust is and how it is best cultivated.

Dr. Brennan Jacoby has spent years studying trust. His doctoral research analysed trust and betrayal, and he has extensive experience working on the topic with organisations.

In How Trust Works, Dr. Jacoby will help you learn and apply key insights so that you can confidently execute work where trust is important.


How Trust Works will give you:

  • Clarity about a critical but complex, and sometimes complicated, issue; 

  • Confidence to navigate matters of trust, both within your organisation and with external stakeholders;

  • A refined understanding of the conditions needed to build trust, as well as the behaviors, policies and systems that lead to distrust; and

  • Practical strategies for building trust in your own context. 

In short, How Trust Works helps you go farther with trust. 



“Trust in itself is a highly abstract concept, and business leaders seldom proactively try to enhance trust within organizations.  Quite often you start to think about regaining trust once it has been broken.  Brennan really made us think about the concept, and made it accessible so that we can apply it in our own organizations.  Brennan has a light, casual way of working, yet o so thought provoking.  Very worthwhile!” 

                                                                                        Patrick de Pont  (EValuaton Capital Management)

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