Our professional lives are not lived in a vacuum. High expectations, the pressure to deliver, less than perfect relationships, and sheer busyness contribute to the context in which we work. While we may be able to change some of these things for the better, some challenges are outside our control and, we might say, ‘just the nature of the work’. 

How, then, can we thrive despite unavoidable pressure and stress?   

In this workshop, Brennan offers effective philosophical and practical tools for approaching the challenges we face. Drawing on research, he will introduce mental and physiological changes that can be made to build resilience and thrive under pressure. In addition, he will help participants develop personal plans for cultivating resilience in their own contexts.

Deliverables from this session include: 

  • The understanding that it is normal to need resilience;
  • An appreciation for how mindset impacts resilience, and tips for cultivating the kind of mindset needed to bounce back from set backs;
  • The ability to grow resilience by making small physical changes in how we work; and
  • A personal plan for integrating resilience into daily life.