Recent studies confirm that life is better when you work with, and for, those you trust. Collaboration, creativity, effectiveness and even finances flourish when trust is present. However, competition, perfectionism, and pressure to improve the bottom line can conspire against trust. The places we work may feel more like jungles that are 'red in tooth and claw' than climates conducive to mutual flourishing and cooperation. What place should trust have at work? And if trust contributes to personal and professional flourishing, how can we create spaces in our working lives where it thrives? 

In this workshop, Brennan will help delegates explore the nature of trust in their own professional lives. Drawing on research, he will address work-specific dynamics that can inhibit trust, and help participants develop practical tools for cultivating well-placed trust in their own contexts. 


  • A deeper understanding of trust, trustworthiness and distrust; and how they can impact professional relationships and performance; 
  • Identification of office cultures that are counter-productive where trust is concerned; 
  • Practical tools for building trust with colleagues and external stakeholders; 
  • Insight on hoot better meed high expectations by growing self-trust; and
  • A concrete plan for cultivating well-placed trust at work. 


Don't worry, there will be no trust-falls exercises! Instead, we will be mining the depths of philosophy and psychology for time-tested wisdom about trust. But because theoretical insight can only get us so far, this session also makes space for delegates try some good ideas on for size. In addition to introducing what some of the world's best thinkers on trust have had to say, Brennan will lead participants in a series of discussions and exercises that will help them apply insights to their own context and make the most of trust where they work.