The ability to work well together is fundamental to organisational success. 

When shared purpose, identity and trust are missing, mergers, team effectiveness and personal well-being suffer. Sometimes we simply ’click’ with others right away.  Other times differing values, personalities and ways of working make collaboration more difficult. Working Together is a workshop that provides the critical insight, safe space and practical tools needed to help any group do their best work.

This workshop will give your group: 

  • Greater group identity and purpose;

  • A refined understanding of the values influencing your group;

  • Techniques for building trust, giving feedback and having difficult conversations; and

  • A custom-built plan of action to help your group continue moving forward.


"Brennan is a thoughtful - and thought provoking facilitator/trainer - who encourages individuals to come with him on the learning journey in a way which is both authentic and accessible.  His style is relaxed and informal but rooted in a profound knowledge of his subject areas which ensures you are never far from a philosophical touch stone or two!”  
                                                                                                                          Miffa Salter (Urbancanda) 

“Dr. Brennan Jacoby is one of the most gifted facilitators I have worked with, with a talent for turning abstract scholarship into concrete, accessible and practical ideas that he communicates brilliantly.”  
                                                                                                        Vas Christodoulou (The School of Life)